Feb 9, 2012

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Guess Who’s 17 Months Old?

Guess Who’s 17 Months Old?

Our (Not-So-Little) Little Jacob,

Can you believe that you’re already 17 months old? You were just an itty bitty baby like – yesterday – and here you are … a running, walking, talking, climbing, jumping, hopping, dancing, laughing, giggling, peekaboo-ing, smiling, tickling, exploring, book-turning, block-stacking, Elmo-loving toddler!

You have so much personality these days. You have likes and dislikes. You have your favorites and a sense of humor. You’re hilarious. Literally. Somedays we don’t stop laughing because of your comedic personality.

Here is a small snapshot of what you’ve been up to in the last month:

  • We took you to the doctor a few months ago and you were just under 30 inches and around 25 pounds (I think). You’re kinda on the small side, but you’re really just tall and thin like Mommy and Daddy. You’re growing and developing just fine and there isn’t much more we could ask for.
  • You’re wearing size 3 diapers and you have been for about 6 months or so. I think it’ll be another month or so before we move you up to 3′s.
  • You’re wearing a wide variety of clothing these days. MOSTLY you wear 18 months, but you still fit into a few polos that are 9 month sizes! It really all depends on the brand. We just bought you new 18 month pajamas and you’ve almost outgrown those already!
  • Somedays you eat like crazy, somedays you barely eat at all. You really like hot dogs, tater tots, grapes and bananas. I’m actually surprised you haven’t turned into a grape, with as many as you eat. You also eat Cheerios and you LOVE Animal Crackers. You pretty much have a taste of whatever we are eating for dinner. Sometimes you like it, sometimes you don’t.
  • You used to love veggies, but now you hardly ever try them. I’m having to find creative ways to sneak them in to your diet. It’s pretty tricky!
  • We’re teaching you how to use a fork and spoon right now. You’re starting to get the general idea, but it’s still faster for you to use your fingers.
  • You’re really good at going to sleep at night. You don’t cry or fuss after your bath and story and you fall right asleep while you’re talking to Elmo. You still wake up once every night. Lately you’ve been refusing to go back to sleep after you wake up too – so you and I cuddle on the couch in the early morning. I’m pretty sure you just want to cuddle and love on Mommy.
  • You have 6 teeth that are all the way in and you’re working on 6 more as we speak. One of your molars is halfway in and the other 4 are getting ready to start poking through. Your incisors are also getting close to poking through too. Luckily you haven’t been too grumpy through all of this.
  • You are currently in the process of dropping a nap. You take a nap in the late morning that generally lasts at LEAST 2 hours. The last week or so you’ve only taken a second nap two or three times. As long as you take a nice long nap in the morning you can stay up in the afternoon all you want!
  • You’ve been walking for over 6 months now. You’re pretty much running now actually! You can dance, stand on one foot, step up and down a stair with help and you’re even starting to JUMP while holding our hands.
  • You’ve recently decided that it’s okay to hold our hands while walking and you really prefer to walk around while we are out – instead of being held. Sometimes this makes things difficult and slow, but we know it’s really good for you to walk!
  • You’ve learned how to open doors too. Uh oh. You like to play in the pantry and the hallway, just opening and closing doors over and over again.
  • You really like Elmo. You think your Tickle Me Elmo is hilarious. You give him hugs, carry him around and you’ve even tried to share you milk with him.
  • Speaking of milk – we JUST got you to start drinking something OTHER than milk. You like apple juice! Yay!
  • You’re drinking out of sippy cups with straws now, as you never liked the ones that required you to tip your head back.
  • You like to read to yourself. You plop down right in from of your books and flip through them all the time.
  • Although you can stack blocks you’d really prefer to knock them over! If Daddy or I build them up you will walk right over and smash them.
  • You’re talking now. You say Dog and point to Jack. You can say “Hi!”, “Hey!” and “Hey, Dude!”. You also say “All Done!” and you use it in the correct context! We’re pretty sure you’re starting to say “Blankie” and “Elmo”. You do say “Dog” too, but it sounds like “Doh”. Of course you say Dada and Mama. You say Maaaaam like Cartman from Southpark (I’m sure you’ll understand someday). You do try to say things after us, so we’re definitely working on watching what we say around you!

There really is SO much more about you these days that I’d love to share, but I’ll have to save it for another letter. Keep making us laughing, learning and growing little guy. We love you to death.

Love you so much little boy!

Mommy & Daddy

PS – Daddy requested that I use these pictures, because they are his FAVORITE for this month.

  1. SO fun to read about your little boy!

  2. Catie,
    Your letter brought tears to my eyes. Everything you wrote was written with such motherly love, pride and understanding. I am so happy that you are as enveloped in your family and Jacobs miracle as you are, because, in writing the way you do, you let us all in on how truly special and unique he is every step of the way. What a tremendous mom you are! Love to you and your family! ~Sandy

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